Transformation from inside out

Personal development

Access and Activate the best of You

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Empowering individuals & companies

to reach their highest potential

Millah has a unique ability to inspire and motivate others to reach their full potential.

Her deep understanding of the human psyche and spiritual practices, combined with her dynamic speaking style, make her a powerful force in the field of personal development.

Her unique approach blends spiritual teachings, energy healing or alignment, and practical tools to create lasting transformation.

Book Millah as a keynote speaker

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& Retreats


Elevate your meditation experience with transformative music that fosters a deeper collective connection with the higher Self. Millah has captivated audiences ranging from intimate gatherings to massive crowds exceeding 40,000 people.

Help your employees reach their highest potential, achieve alignment, increase focus, and be more productive. Create a corporate-conscious culture. Inquire about our private Corporate transformational events.

Planning a conference about awakening, healing, mental health, spirituality, or making the world better? Millah is ready to help lead a session on vibrational transformation, guaranteeing a memorable experience.

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Free Coaching Videos (soon)


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“You will find me in the silence”


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One on One Sessions

When we are unsatisfied with our lives we tend to change reality and people around us, switching on the controlling mode. The challenge is how to change your reality without controlling the uncontrollable.

There is a special portion of wisdom and purifying energy that Source, the infinite intelligence wants to unlock and give to the ones that are seeking it.

I’ll help you to understand, see, and create from an energetic point of view, experiencing the evidence of alignment and fulfillment throughout this journey.

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If you think that you are ready for a deep transformation, this is a session for you.

Enjoy a 60-90-minute session to receive guidance and a deep tuning process through awareness, energy, and vibration.

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Sound Ceremony

It is time to start


Dive into a transformative meditative experience through the power of Sound. Our specially curated events harness the energy of sound to inspire and empower you, providing perfect tuning to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. By clearing resistance and illuminating pathways, we guide you toward success with newfound strength and clarity.

Attend Millah's Sound ceremony Next Event:



Elevating the

Collective Consciousness

Discover the power of meditation, the quickest way to amplify our intentions and energy. Together, imagine the possibilities as we align our collective efforts.

Let's synchronize with Earth's frequency and lead the charge in the energetic shift happening right now!

Join us at #WeTuneIn and be part of the change!

Quantum Immersion Retreat

Rediscover your connection

Experience Massive Expansion

Come join us for a weekend retreat designed to help you let go of spiritual barriers, calm your mind, and reconnect with your body. Through various activities, we'll tap into the elemental powers around us, giving you a chance to feel refreshed and empowered. It's an opportunity to find inner peace and discover your true potential.

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See What Others Are Saying

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“Millah has a heavenly voice and deep spiritual presence, listening to her will transport you into a dimension of love and expansion.”

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Master CO

"Not only she is talking about vibration, Millah is the vibration, the music, the sound. Her voice and her presence are something extraordinary, the entire room changes and you feel it."

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Ema Savahl

"Millah has a very unique energy.

I can always feel her presence in any room she enters. Her deep caring for others is beautiful. This caring shines through YouTuneIn. Everyone should experience it."

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Tyler Wagner

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