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Milena Barbosa



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“MILLAH” means – Brings all that vibration of life (health, vital energy) Art, Beauty, and Spirituality – Consciousness. It brings a very strong vibration of pioneering, innovation, and leadership that meets its soul characteristics.

Milena Barbosa, aka ‘Millah’, Is the Founder, CEO and also the voice of YouTuneIn. A force of positive energy and a successful serial- entrepreneur with 20 years of experience across music, film, dance, and energetic Healing. Her influence throughout Brazil and the US, along with her successful musical career and acclaimed live Vibrational and transformational events, have created a unique platform (YouTuneIn App) to help usher in humanity’s next evolution.

Infused with various philosophical and spiritual teachings, Millah is on a mission to manifest individual and world-wide vibrational alignment by enriching

our collective consciousness.

Millah’s last 5 years have been dedicated

only to the creation and development of YouTuneIn.

“It has been a fun and beautiful journey for sure, learning how to appreciate the contrast was the hardest thing, but it is possible! I have dedicated my time since 2018, to studying the science of frequencies, vibrations, and Binaural Beats, understanding deeply how we generate energy, waves of frequencies, and through quality sound to be able to immerse in a special transforming experience. I became a scientist of my Self.

Everything that I have lived my entire life, all the experiences that I had in my past, made all sense when I started creating YouTuneIn, like the puzzle finally putting

the pieces easily together.

Everything started a long time ago when I received my mission and my spiritual name MILLAH. For that, please have a look at my timeline story (below). But when I came to Miami, I went through a great loss that made me go deeply within myself and my mission. I spent some time analyzing both the polarities of the energy that I was experiencing, the negative side, and trying to understand how to get to the other side of it, the positive side. Every energy generated has its positive and negative.

I decided to focus on my desire to serve and help people, improving my healing gifts, and stepping in with my body, mind, and soul on my mission. So, my intuition took me to the woods for 14 days of meditation manifesting the procreation of Youtunein. It was a very intense process that felt like years. I stepped into a different space reality where “time” as we know was different. There I received the directions of how I would be creating and manifesting YouTuneIn.

So COVID-19 arrived, and I stayed for almost 1 year isolated in New York City, by myself, where I experienced downloads daily from infinite intelligence, through a deep connection with my higher Self, meditating for long periods. I built a team of incredible creators, professionals, and developers to bring Youtunein to life. It was an intense journey! We made what you call, miracles! Through this time we’ve created more than 1.000 tracks and an entire platform for you. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by incredible creators and light workers. I am grateful that my life experience gave me what is needed to contribute to society as my heart always desired. YouTuneIn is a transformational meditation platform that enables you to tune in with your higher and best Self.

You must check it out!

The App was released in March 2021 and it is available on

Apple Stores and Google Play stores.

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Universe filled with stars, nebula and galaxy

After creating YouTuneIn, now Millah is ready to be in service to whoever is needed.

You also can find her on the Sound Ceremony and WeTuneIn Events. Millah attended important events such as “Art Basel” in Miami and also spoke at some important wellness events like “ World Happiness Week” and SCOPE.


Millah & YouTuneIn

Millah’s Artistic Life and the

Behind the Scenes.

I have always been a very “different child” lol, with a hoarse voice. I remember always enjoying nature very much, much more than my friends for sure. I always liked to observe things, and my fun time was always about entertaining people, I loved making people laugh and making them feel good, I remember always dancing in the room when my dad was playing music. My first musical performances took place at family gatherings when I was 5/7 years old by doing mini shows at their houses. I used to build the whole scenario, with popcorn, and curtains on the walls, so people could feel like in a theater. By early adolescence I was already making my first compositions of songs and poems, I also wrote a book for my first boyfriend. Romance was part of my personality back then and I always had a weird taste for music. At school, Religion, Arts, Gymnastics, Biology, Math, and Physics were my favorite subjects.

My passion was always Music then, but for some reason, I decided to express my Art through Acting. My career started at age 15 in Brazil when I studied theater, and at 19 years old I went to London where I lived for 7 years. I studied Acting, Dancing, TV presenting, Producing, Directing, really… 360 degrees on the field! I was thirsty to learn more and more. To be able to pay for my studies I worked in many different jobs, as I was improving my English. I had some good acting agencies representing me, however, if you are from this industry, you know, if you want to succeed, you become your manager.

It was a rollercoaster! But I survived! :)

I’ve done plenty of printing commercials, and TV commercials, hosted TV Shows, played in short Films and long Films, and played roles as Producer, Director, and Coaching Actors, I even opened my acting school called MB Academy, created an acting method called CCD - “Conhecimento, Consciência e Desenvolvimento” that means “Knowledge, Consciousness and Development”. The human mind always fascinated me, I wanted to understand more about our reactions from different perspectives, and acting was a good way of observing it, “acting is not acting, it is reacting”, right? The acting technique created mixes Psychology, the Meisner Technique, and Stanislavski. After that I Directed a TV show for 2 years in Brazil, called “ Country Shop”, very challenging! But Fun!

I majored in major schools such as New York Film Academy, Metropolitan Film School, Vocal Tech School, and Trinity Laban of Dance.”

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Serie "Night Fall"

Stargazing, Milky Way View

“I was still discovering my gifts and my spiritual side, I could see and sense the spiritual world and I became more like a Psychic/ Healer/ Prophet to friends and colleagues. When I went back to Brazil I started to go deeper within myself, and it was in 2009 that I had my spiritual awakening, and started to better understand my gifts and how they could contribute to people's lives.

The name “MILLAH” was born from this spiritual awakening! MILLAH is my spiritual name, it is the vibration that I need to carry to influence the vibration itself.

This name was given to me.

At first, when I heard it, I thought it would be “MILA”, but I got corrected on the way that it was supposed to be written as MILLAH, as said in the description at the beginning of the BIO. Then… vibration started in my life, and I started to experience and develop an ability for music that I didn't know I had.

Through this journey my ability to heal through frequencies started to improve, however, I never had the intention to promote that part of myself before, as I was still seeking answers, from God and clarity to help others, I decided to learn a little bit about different philosophies and religions to be able to see from different perspectives and go deeper within myself and understand how I could impact people's lives effectively and positively. For the past 12 years, I’ve been practicing Meditation, Yoga, Evangelism, studying the Bible, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Shamanism, and Hinduism teachings.”

Stargazing, Milky Way View

Music became MY Spirituality

Full discography. All Copyrighted.

Universe filled with stars, nebula and galaxy

“In 2013 my first single was born and it became a soundtrack of an American film called “A Long Way Off”. I experienced shows with 40K, 30K, and 20K people as well as 10, 20, 30 people in the crowd. By far the work that I have enjoyed most doing besides the YouTuneIn project was my Album EU SOU/ I AM. It was 5 months of intense production with my dearest producer Fernando DeepLick. This is what I said to the PRESS in Brazil when I launched it back in 2017:

"This CD is very special. First of all, it could not have happened if it wasn't for my producer’s sensitivity to capture the essence of things, of what was 'raw' inside of me, but full of emotions and images and non-technical figures to be expressed. He managed to capture their energy in a very beautiful way, exporting the musicality that was inside me, " the singer said. Find awareness, consciousness, and healing in the lyrics translated into pop, pop-rock, pop-reggae, electronic music, and even Brazilian funk.

"It is this diversity that makes me. And overall, I'm all that and EU SOU / I AM came from this consciousness."

My favorite tracks on the Album are - “UM SOM” and “I Find Myself in Pieces”.

The stories about those songs are pretty important in my life, but that I might tell you in person one day. :)

I kind of got known in Brazil for bringing my keen spirituality to the songs, for bringing messages of consciousness, and then I stood out in the international scene as

“The music from the soul”. I guess they were right ;)

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