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Quantum Immersion

Quantum Immersion


Rediscover your connection with the

Source of peace, energy, and bliss in the universe

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Concept of meditation and self knowledge.
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Experience massive expansion

Enjoy a series of activities designed to help you release spiritual blockers, connect with universal energy, quiet your racing mind, get in tune with your body and tap into the elemental powers that surround and bind each of us

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Energy Ceremony

Nature Immersion

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Fire Cleanse

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Master class


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Blue Ridge Mountains - NY

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disengage from the grind and re-engage with life

It’s time to leave behind the hustle and stress of your typical day and rediscover your connection with yourself, with others

and with the power of nature.

Join 3 facilitators to learn how to tap into a magnificent guidance system for living. They will lead you through an immersive experience, elevating your body, mind, and soul. You’ll learn to automatically shift your life's direction and see the world from an incredible, new perspective.

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Your facilitators

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Millah is the Founder, CEO and also the voice of YouTuneIn App, an advanced Human Technology tool, designed to help people transform their lives daily. She's also an experienced speaker and spiritual-life coach. With 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, she has a unique ability to inspire and motivate others to reach their full potential. Her unique approach blends spiritual teachings, energy healing, and practical tools to create lasting transformation.

Keith is a manifestation and mindset coach and creator of the Quantum Life Formula, a method that helps people lead a connected spiritual life, enjoy an aligned work-life, and experience deeply satisfying relationships with friends and loved ones.

what is included

Beautiful locale, gourmet food and more

The retreat will take place in a sacred, secluded sanctuary called Wheel Of Bliss. Come surround yourself with the mountains and forests of the Blue Ridge region of western North Carolina.

Retreat Center Rooms


Attendees will be accommodated in the retreat center in communal sleeping quarters or a private room.


Guests also will enjoy 5 meals served by a private chef who’ll design a menu to feed your mind, body, and soul:

  • Friday dinner
  • Saturday fruit spread + lunch + dinner
  • Sunday breakfast

For travel/lodging/ questions and details, send an inquiry to